In Mondragon, close to Bilbao in the Spanish Basque Country

2018 February 7, 8, 9


Do you want to learn about a disruptive educational system meanwhile being in touch with real cooperative companies ?

10 years ago, Mondragon Corporation (a group of 261 cooperatives) had the need of a new profile, an entrepreneur profile in its companies. That is why Mondragon Team Academy as Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit of Mondragon Business School was created, in order to provide solutions to the needs of these companies.

To get to know Mondragon Team Academy we will have an immersive experience, starting the learning journey by visiting Mondragon Corporation in order understand where MTA comes from. Then, we will meet MTA and the whole environment around it.

We will start from the roots and end up experimenting the methodology of Mondragon Team Academy from the inside.

“If you want to see the future of education come to Team Academy” Peter Senge


Learning Expedition Goals

  • CaptureExperimentation of the Learning by doing model, the basis of MTA learning.
  • Learning of different theories about entrepreneurship, cooperation, innovation and leadership existing in the Mondragon Corporation.


You will be part of different dynamics, workshops and visits to real cooperatives. You will take part in Training Sessions, Project Coaching Sessions, Team Leaders and Team Sessions. Experimenting from the inside and following MTA methodology, you will learn by doing.


  • Membre indépendant Sol ou Team Factory : 1050 € HT
  • Membre entreprise Sol ou Team Factory : 1350 € HT
  • Non membre indépendant : 1400 € HT
  • Non membre entreprise : 1700 € HT

-15% aux 10 premiers inscrits qui règlent en ligne.

-15% pour les entreprises qui inscrivent au moins 3 collaborateurs  Inscription par mail : [email protected]

You will have the chance to meet …


A global network of social innovation ecosystem labs using Finnish Educational methods. MTA was created in 2008, as Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit of Mondragon University Business School.

“MONDRAGON is the closest model of an authentic social enterprise that we have in the world today” Gregory MacLeod (Cape Breton University).

Mondragon Corporation Center

  • Cooperative experience started in 1956 leaded by the priest Arizmendiarrieta in Mondragon village.
  • Now, Mondragon is one of the leading Spanish business groups, with 257 companies being 74,060 people working.
    Integrated by autonomous and independent cooperatives with production subsidiaries and corporate offices in 41 countries and sales in more then 150.
  • It has been studied and classified as one of the best examples of democracy at work and regional development.

You will be immersed in the Basque Country Corporative business referent and the 2nd biggest group of cooperatives in the world.